Nostrification is a procedure for recognizing foreign documents on education. This term refers to the legal procedure after which foreign documents on education acquire legal force on the territory of one or another state. We are talking about the recognition of Ukrainian education documents on the territory of the Czech Republic and European countries in general.

Recognition and confirmation of diplomas of universities, colleges, schools, technical schools, private educational institutions. Nostrification of all diplomas: pharmacist, nurse, doctor, teacher, lawyer, economist, electrician, welder, hotel and restaurant business and tourism, construction worker and all others.

Documents required at the initial stage of nostrification:

Foreign passport (identity document);
Permit to stay abroad;
The original or a certified copy of the diploma of education (or other document on the completion of studies);
Officially certified copy of the supplement to the diploma.

Recognition of diplomas and other educational documents provides an opportunity to:

Continue your education abroad;
Get retrained or improve your qualifications;
Confirm your level of knowledge and work in your specialty;
Acquiring the right to apply for a prestigious job and receive an appropriate salary.