We invite you to a charity screening of the film “Mother of the Apostles” directed by Zaza Buadze.

“Mother of the Apostles” is a charity screening of the most honored Ukrainian film!

🗓September 16 at 7:00 p.m
🌆Divadlo Hybernia
🇺🇦Ukrainian language (Czech subtitles)

Tickets 390 CZK: https://goout.net/cs/mother-of-apostles-charitativni-projekce/szywrdu

The film is based on the real events of the 2014 war and is dedicated to mothers whose children died defending Ukraine.

Love or hate?
Good or evil?
Peace or war?
Every person makes his choice every minute of his life. Everything in our world, including war, happens to force us to make this choice.

2014. Eastern Ukraine.
A rocket hit a humanitarian plane that was carrying provisions and medicines for Ukrainian soldiers who were surrounded. The pilots were able to escape by jumping out with parachutes. They were blown by the wind across the territory occupied by Russian troops.

Is Sophia’s only son alive? A mother’s heart calls her straight to the hell of war, where the world is divided into friends and enemies, masters and slaves. There is a law here: if you don’t kill, they kill you.

The comprehensive power of Love changes the course of events and the destinies of people, each of whom has his own truth. Belief in the Mother of God helps Sofia pass through a minefield and other life-threatening obstacles. She is not ready to die because her goal is to find and embrace her only beloved son… dead or alive…

The organizer is the “Integra” Charitable Foundation with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic.

The collected funds will go to help war veterans and disabled people. Our partner is the All-Ukrainian trade union of military personnel, law enforcement officers and combatants.

Military drama / Director Zaza Buadze / Ukraine, 2020 / 122 min. / Company “Studio “Golden Fleece”