About us

“Integra” International Charitable Foundation for Education and Integration. The Foundation, which carries out the procedure of recognition of foreign documents on higher and post-graduate professional education (nostrification) in European countries; facilitates preparation for relevant exams during nostrification; provides legal support and advice if necessary; ensures the rights of citizens who have received education in other states to continue their education or professional activity.

Each foundation has its own mission, what is the mission of your charitable foundation?

The mission of my foundation: first of all, to help people integrate abroad. This is where the name “INTEGRA” comes from. I strive to help people who neglect their professional achievements outside their country to realize themselves, their skills and experience. The fund will provide impetus and support to specialists in their field and ensure reliability and further use of their potential in another state. After all, I believe that this is a guarantee of a better future not only for the person himself, but also for the country in general.